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Use promo code YYCPickup for FREE local pickup. ONLY available in CALGARY!
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My Story


My name is Kaitlin and I am the creator behind KAJIO. I have explored many life solutions and health paths right from a young age and in the process of this exciting and educative journey have developed a strong passion for living a natural lifestyle. I grew up living and observing a holistic way of life, exploring different means to achieve a state of wellness. Eventually, my quest for internal stability and peace of mind led me down this path.

Having an intense curiosity and desire for alternative medicine led me to the Wild Rose College of Alberta where I obtained a certification in Flower Essences. I am  certified in Reiki and have learned to restore emotional and physical well-being through this technique. My thirst for more knowledge is still driving me – and I am currently studying to become a certified aromatherapist.

Having always wanted to start my own business - KAJIO started off in September 2014 where I commenced by creating products in my parent’s spare bedroom and selling at local community craft fairs– this enabled me to develop and refine my products by discovering what works and tailoring it to deliver an efficient and trustworthy solution. Since then, I have moved out (lol) and have had the opportunity to network with some amazing entrepreneurs, which finally led me to being able to run my own company!

I love creating value for other people, and my journey in the field of natural and holistic health has given me a way to do just that, as I design products that promote balance and well-being while focussing on helping people live a happy and stress-free life.