How it Works

KAJIO products provide you with some of the most practical approaches to obtaining a sense of well-being. Our products are aimed at eliminating stress in your everyday life through simple steps all geared towards mindful living. KAJIO products focus on the three key points of meditation, massage, and mindful relaxation, through the use of aromatherapy.

While there are a number of essential oils we use, the two key ingredients found in all of our oil based products are frankincense and myrrh. 


Meditation involves focusing one’s mind for a period in silence or chanting – this is an excellent relaxation and healing process for the mind. Meditation dates back to pre-historic times and has been used widely to obtain peace and tranquillity. It helps to strengthen the memory and balance out uneven emotions - it also contributes to regulating blood flow resulting in better sleep and a calm mind.


Self-massage is a highly vital relaxation and stress release process. By using the hands to gently stroke the body along with soft body movements, tension and stress are freed from the body. One of its amazing benefits is the increased circulation of blood it promotes, which also brings calming properties and strengthens focus by allowing you to centre your mind. The art of self-massage promotes self-love and acceptance as you explore and relax every inch of your body as well as strengthening a remarkable mind-body connection.


Mindful Relaxation is anything you do to prolong the effects of a meditation or self-massage session. It might include a therapeutic bath, drinking tea, lighting candles, or indulging in a specified skin care ritual. At KAJIO we believe this final step is just as important as the other two, because it includes self-nourishment and promotes a healthy relationship between mind body and soul.


Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils and aromatic plant extracts for healing and cosmetic purposes. KAJIO’s aromatherapeutic products act to stimulate and re-sensitize both the mind and the body. A key component in the KAJIO line is Myrrh; the oldest recorded perfume, and is used widely for a large variety of skin ailments. It also helps to revitalize the skin and prevent aging and wrinkling, while its scent helps to stimulate the mind. Another wonder ingredient KAJIO is known for is Frankincense, which possesses calming properties and can be soothing and emotionally balancing. Its astringent and anti-aging properties for the skin allow it to work synergistically with Myrrh.



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